Our Facilities

Park & Pool Director

Marvin Potts

With the appreciated assistance of Joel Dodge and Dick Pryor.

Park Notes

Please help prevent furniture damage caused by wind.  Kindly Close patio umbrellas when you leave the pool area.  While it may not be windy during your pool visit, evening and overnight Delta breezes can be strong enough to topple umbrellas which often results in broken tabletops.  Thank you.

Park & Pool Rules

Park & Pool Rules

Reservation policy.


Glassware and glass beverage containers are prohibited in all park/pool areas.

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"A Park at the Heart . . . "  Read the article about us in CA Modern Magazine!


Parking Restrictions for the Park Green Lot

- This is a Private Parking Lot for Members and Guests Only - No Public Parking.

- No Parking between 11PM and 6AM (No overnight parking).

- No parking of commercial vehicles or trailers at any time (except while providing services in the park).

- Violators subject to Association enforcement and/or towing at owner's expense.  Only persons authorized by the Board may initiate towing enforcement.


Our Facilities

Evergreen Commons members enjoy exclusive use of our private park and pool facility.


We have two full size pools and a small children’s wading pool that are solar heated from April to October.  There is also a basketball court and children’s play area.

We have a few other events each year in our park.  The first is usually our Children’s Easter Egg Hunt.  Divided into age groups, kids are sent out to scoop up eggs and win small prizes.




Park and pool maintenance is coordinated by our Park & Pool Director.  Routine maintenance is performed by contractors and Members.  Park Work Day is one of our annual events in the park.  This is an all day Saturday event in the spring when Members are asked to join together to help with annual maintenance and improvement projects.  Projects may include repairing walkways, painting the pool house, planting annual flowers, cleaning the pool furniture or any number of things that may need to be done.  A park maintenance assessment is waived for each Membership lot represented at Work Day for at least four hours.


3333  111  2222


Our biggest event is our 4th of July Party.  Members and friends are invited for swimming, music, games, and food from the barbeques.  We don’t forget the ice cream!

We come back for more ice cream later in the summer for our Ice Cream Social.  Usually coordinated with a presentation from the Sheriff’s Department or other event.

Our pool patio area is also used for Association meetings, typically Board meetings during the warmer months.

Members may reserve certain areas of the park for parties or other events.  See the side bar to the left of this page for contact information.  The reservation form and rules for holding an event in the park can be found on the
documents page.