Street Light Out -- Scroll to the bottom of this page for information from the Sacramento County Department of Transportation. 


Block Captains:

Curtis Wheeler, Chair, Park Green Ct. (W)

Lissa Beard, Pasadena Ave. (W)

Lori Bishop, Sesame St.

Curtis Wheeler, Park Green Ct. (W)

Rob Kerr, Park Green Ct. (E)

Roseanne DeVlaming, Terra Vista Way

Linda Hax, The Court

Fred Links, Cool Ct.

April Keck, Zephyr Way 

Lynette Purvis/Linda O'Rierdon, Baron Ave.


CALL 911

Sheriff's Department NON-Emergency Dispatch 874-5115 

[From] Neighborhood Watch - this most widespread crime prevention effort in the United States has a long track record of success. It is so well respected that major criminologists do not generally undertake studies of whether it works - just how it works.


Individual communities and neighborhoods have demonstrated time and again that this simple concept -neighbors who reduce their own crime risks by marking property through Operation Identification and implementing home security survey recommendations from local law enforcement, coupled with training in how to be observant, how to help each other, and how to work with law enforcement-has enrolled more than 30 million people in its various forms.

Watches have been set up to bring together residents of marinas, campgrounds, apartment buildings, city blocks, rural counties, suburban developments, and dozens of towns, and other kinds of settings.


Your Evergreen Commons Neighborhood Watch Committee are the facilitators of our first level of crime prevention.  One of the Committee’s primary missions is to get information from local law enforcement to the residents of ECA (whether owners or tenants). 

In addition the Committee is here to motivate all of us to be on the lookout for persons or circumstances that may indicate unwanted criminal activity in our neighborhood.  Remember, we are all members of Neighborhood Watch.


Neighborhood Watch is not an organization of emergency first responders.  If you witness suspicious circumstances, a crime in progress, or have any other emergency

CALL 911.


Street Light OUT?

Report street light outages or other street related issues to the Sacramento County Department of Transportation.  For more info click here.



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