Pool and Park Reservation Rules & Policies

Reservation Form

Pool and Park are reserved on a first-come first-served basis.

Requests for reservations made less than one week prior to the event are not guaranteed. At least one week is required to ensure board approval.

Parties over thirty (30) people require full board approval with a thirty-day notice.

A release or waiver is required in order to hold gatherings of a size defined by the Board as an event. . *See note below.

  • Large parties (30 or over) require a flyer to go out to all owners whose yards back up to the park. This is done as a courtesy by request of said homeowners.
  • Written proof of liability insurance must be submitted prior to approval of any party in the park/pool. Tenants and lessees must obtain a copy of the liability insurance of the property.
  • A liability release form must be signed by the sponsoring member prior to the event.
  • All pool and park rules must be followed during sponsored events.
  • Pool activities may be scheduled for any day of the week (previously only allowed Mon-Fri).
  • Areas used must be left clean. Failure to do so may result in imposing deposit fee prior to future events.
  • Both restrooms must be left clean and locked when leaving the area.
  • Large parties (20 or more) must bring bags to remove their own trash.
  • Repairing or replacing equipment damaged or broken during activity is the sole responsibility of the sponsoring member.
  • All gates must remain locked during activities. Someone should be at the gate to admit guests.
  • Failure to comply with any of these rules can result in a loss of rights to hold future parties in the park.


For many years when someone wanted to reserve the park and/or pool for a special event a copy of the property owner’s insurance policy declaration page showing liability coverage was required. This approved practice was instituted as a solution when the overwhelming majority of events were sponsored by owners. As more and more tenants choose to use the Common Facilities for events, the question of what qualifies for evidence of insurance has come to light. We have found there is a big variation and limitations of liability which is not consistent from policy to policy. Also we now have more tenants requesting a reservation which means they have to go to the property owner to secure a copy of the insurance coverage. The Board has determined that to require a release of liability or waiver of liability for the event is the most clear and complete way to protect the owners common interests from liabilities of tenant's or individual owner's events in the Common Facilities. Rather than trying to identify what an appropriate limit of liability for an event should be, what constitutes proper evidence of insurance, and other detailed questions, a release or waiver is one document required by all in order to hold gatherings of a size defined by the Board as an event. This approach will most easily fit into the authorities provided by the 1993 CCRs. Click here for the Park & Pool Policy, Reservation Form and Pool Rules.

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