CFLs and Batteries

Audrey Blake  (Updated 3/19/2014)

Compact Florescent Lights and Batteries

Five years ago my granddaughter, Stephanie Butler, conducted a Girl Scout Project aimed at bringing about community awareness of recycling programs. Her project, specifically for Evergreen Commons Home Owner Association was meant to encourage participants to use proper methods of disposal for batteries and CFL light bulbs. She began collection days for us at the General meeting, Work Day, 4th of July and Ice Cream Social. After collection she and her grandfather, Bruce Blake, disposed of these items at proper locations.

After Stephanie’sgraduation, our ECA Board agreed to continue this collection program as a convenience courtesy for our members. Since that time her grandfather and I have endeavored to continuethe collection and disposal. We can no longer do this. The Board has decided to drop this program knowing that members now have the knowledge and ability to do this for themselves. These items may be taken to Home Depot and other designated areas.

Thank you to all who participated in this program.